The web site of Vas — 2019-10-27

Communism won’t fix incels

Communism, and more broadly egalitarianism, is based on the principle of eradicating the distinctions of class between people, in particular focusing on wealth, but also including gender and race and so on. Incels are people—mostly men—who want to get laid but can’t. In particular, blackpilled incels have an ideology vaguely similar to MGTOW, that in addition to incelibacy includes critique of women’s behaviour, often harshly spoken. There is a belief in left-wing circles that incels will be fixed by left-wing policies, but I think this is divorced from the truth, and in fact they will exacerbate the problem.

Some blackpilled critiques of women’s behaviour are addressed by left-wing ideologies, and in fact many incels identify with the left, so it isn’t like the ideologies are incompatible. Laying aside our gender politics for a second, I think we can all agree that love as a basis of a long term romantic relationship is a good thing, and therefore pretending to have love in order to secure material benefits is bad, misleading, and prone to dissatisfaction; “beta bux” as they call it. There are also issues with preferentially selecting white men to the exclusion of Asians or black men; “white worshipping”. With a flattened economic distribution, and with fewer racial prejudices, presumably women would have fewer reasons to select wealthy white men.

With the elimination of those factors in mate selection, whatever remains would be relatively more important. And I hate to break it to you, but the science is clear: physical attractiveness strongly predicts romantic love. With the current, unequal paradigm, it is possible for an unattractive man to form a stable relationship, because he is wealthy, influential, and has the right skin colour. By eliminating these avenues in the interest of improving society, as a consequence, men would only be able to achieve romance through their looks, and their other qualities—work ethic, intelligence, charisma—would be even more irrelevant than they are now.

I have a number of data points to support my hypothesis: in our current society, with most of our needs met, looks are already important. It is no secret women love attractive men, and that holds true for poor women as well as affluent businesswomen. This can go as far as marrying convicted child abusers simply because they are hot. If economic and gender equality sufficed to make the attractiveness factor disappear, then we wouldn’t be seeing empowered, wealthy women having the same pathological behaviour as disempowered, poor women.

Countries more liberal and egalitarian than the USA have the same issues. Canada and several European and even Nordic countries exhibit the same problems of romanceless people, despite having a much more advanced state of egalitarianism and a more deeply entrenched feminism. You could argue they haven’t gone far enough—they aren’t full on communist yet—but you’d expect some kind of improvement and not a year-over-year regression, as we are currently seeing.

Countries less liberal than the USA also have the same issues. Japan is notorious for this, but fewer people know that India, Taiwan, Korea, and China have it even worse, almost threatening national stability. If “incels” are a backlash against the progress of feminism, then it makes no sense for countries which are traditionally more feminist and countries that are traditionally less feminist to simultaneously experience a rise in romancelessness, every year, without end.

This isn’t temporary. In Japan, 70% of men under 30 identify as “herbivores”, disinterested in pursuing romance with women. This isn’t because men have suddenly grown asexual; production and consumption of pornography remains high. With the majority of its young men having dropped out of the dating market, Japan shows no sign of reversion, and in all likelihood the numbers will keep rising. 70% isn’t the roof, and I shudder to think what is.

Communists and feminists have a hard time getting girlfriends. A deep interest in economics and politics means you’ll be alone, for the most part, and surrounded by other lonely men. It’s no secret these fandoms are sausage fests full of lonely and broken people. They are incels in denial, even if they hate the blackpilled ideology from the bottom of their hearts. Self-proclaimed ex-incels in left-wing circles aren’t so much deradicalised as they are reradicalised, this time into communism, itself a radical, violent, and genocidal ideology. They are filling the gap in their souls with the promise of class uprising rather than the black pill, but they haven’t solved the root cause, which is having a gap in their souls.

So having economic anxiety doesn’t help, not having it doesn’t help, being traditionalist doesn’t help, being feminist doesn’t help, waiting for the loneliness wave to pass you by doesn’t help, joining a radical movement doesn’t help, and not joining a radical movement doesn’t help.

If you want to help, and I mean genuinely want to help, a better starting point is identifying what the incels do have in common and addressing that. There appear to be two large factors:

Both issues aren’t easy to fix. We could theoretically give cis children prone to being ugly publicly funded hormonal treatments and plastic surgery so that they would grow up to be attractive, just as we do for trans children. I don’t think there is any hope of that happening, as the medical community isn’t interested in it and the public backlash would be enormous.

Much ink has already been spilled on the loneliness epidemic that leaves people feeling like ghosts with no purpose or meaning. Nobody has come up with a great solution. Personally I believe that the root cause is that we are too far removed from the living conditions of our ancestors; what once were people we grew up with, laughed with, and died with are now the strangers we go to university with, the strangers we work with, the boss we hate, the twitter mob that tries to ruin our lives. If we are rootless and surrounded by people we don’t care about or outright hate, there’s no surprise that we end up feeling lonely. But unfortunately this alienation and centralisation is the cornerstone of an industrialised society, and to date I haven’t seen people flood back to small, rural communities instead of the opposite.

I’m sorry to say it, but even in a communist world, incels would be fucked for life. Indeed, incels seem to be fucked for life no matter what the society is, and that’s really depressing if upwards of 70% of men end up being incel, just as it happens in Japan. With no solution in sight, it’s no wonder that so many of them are taking their lives, and if the unending empathy of twitter and /r/IncelTears are any indication, why, we’ll soon be living in the women-only gender utopia that radfems have always dreamed of.