The web site of Vas — 2022-11-17

The Little Wokemaid

I am a vile, racist extremist, and I have not watched the Little Wokemaid. The discussion around this oversized turd is reason enough for going on a genocidal rampage. The amount of human rights you deserve cannot be understated, and your words are like sandpaper in my brain.

With that out the way, you are gaslighting. Look, it is undeniable that this film was trying to be provocative, and the trailer in particular tried to play this provocation up for maximum effect. The point of provocation is to provoke somebody, and yet I have to endure sneers unending about daring to react negatively. If you try to piss people off, it is no wonder that they are angry, and you are lying about it. Well, perhaps your gaslighting is part of the provocation, I suppose, but I doubt it is just play for you; I think you are genuinely, unabashedly abusive.

I do not much care about the film in isolation, evidenced by not watching it and not critiquing it on its artistic merits. Being a big budget production, I assume it is at least watchable. But art does not exist in isolation, and you, of all people, should know it: art exists in a zeitgeist.

To begin with, you are race-bending an established character with an established fanbase, so it is a given people are going to be offended. Claims that the original Little Mermaid was green, blue, or translucent are asinine; Disney’s Little Mermaid is white, and the wokemaid is an adaptation of that. Perhaps your claim would have held more water if it was produced by a company with zero relation to Disney, but we do not live in that reality. Again, you are purposefully misleading.

The zeitgeist the wokemaid occupies is one where it is okay to be a rabid, proud blancophobe. A culture where your neighborhood needs to burn year-round because a drug addict got killed; a culture where billionaires lecture poor white trash about poverty; a culture where self-defending against homicidal child rapists is a crime against blackness; a culture where whites are explicitly denied educational and employment opportunities on the basis of their pale skin. A culture of — dare I say it? — systemic, systematic anti-white racism.

And, in the arts, a culture where white culture, and only white culture, is appropriated, raped, and erased. Where white people’s feelings are uniquely devoid of value.

I understand that you deny being characterised in those terms. You deny that there is such a thing as white culture, and perhaps, in a parallel universe, you might even be right, for in this universe you’ve written textwalls of immeasurable height chastising whiteness as a memeplex. If you are opposed to whiteness, then whiteness must necessarily exist as an entity external to your brain. In order for your struggle not to be a struggle against a hallucination, white culture must exist.

If racial categories are socially constructed, by treating certain concentrations of melanin as a monolith, you are engaging in this construction, manifesting your mental disease onto reality. You know this, because this is how you theorise American blackness arose from the many, disparate African tribes; this, too, is how I know that you are gaslighting.

You are unwilling, perhaps incapable of addressing any of these arguments; that is why you declare all your detractors conservative trolls. Trolling requires a degree on inauthenticity, as if they don’t even really believe the things that they believe. But if they are trolling, do they really hate you? Make up your mind! Is everyone opposed to your screed a racist sexist homophobic alt-right meninist MRA MGTOW gamergater neo-nazi, or merely pretending to be one to troll you?

I understand you are afraid normal, healthy people will be radicalised into vile, racist extremists like myself, that we are one Aba & Preach video away from bringing about the second Holocaust. This is your favourite conspiracy theory, whitewashing your complicity in this radicalisation. You do not appreciate, or perhaps you do but do not care, how many people merely want to hear you say that this is an uncool situation, that corporations are race-baiting for profit and greed, and leave it at that. You need not say a thing further.

But this is not what you are doing. In defending yourself, you are stating that white culture is uniquely, solely unworthy of respect, that white feelings are uniquely unworthy of your time, that we should all replace our anger with proper, upstanding, Protestant self-flagellation, that we should cede all ground, even the roofs we sleep under, in profound self-hatred.

Perhaps it is because you are effeminate that you are so afraid of hatred not facing inward; nevertheless, you must be aware of the damage that you are causing. Why, if whiteness indeed had no value, there would be nothing sacrificial in replacing it with blackness; it would be like substituting a turd with a fine meal. If whiteness had no value, it would not be virtuous of you to hate yourself.

In part, we are all to blame for the mess we’re in. If, every time you were openly blancophobic, there was a mob of detractors willing to stand their ground, to die on the hill of respecting themselves, things would have never got this bad. If ever there got to be a wokemaid, we would be talking about her in less heated terms. The reason I’m so angry is that some unknown part of me expected you to do better, to be better. It must be, because otherwise I’d feel indifference rather than hatred.

You don’t have to worry about my radicalisation; you radicalised me. I don’t need dog-whistles to communicate my message: I openly believe you promote, even fetishise white genocide. And if nothing else, it is genocide which deserves to be self-defended against, lethally if necessary.

In Minecraft.